Take a Memory Foam Travel Pillow Next Time You Fly

Yes, you need to carry your own memory foam travel pillow and definitely AVOID using the pillows furnished on the airplane!

The flight attendants I've spoken with say that they are never changed—not even the pillow cases, unless there is a tell-tale stain.

You need your own travel pillow, but not just any pillow; we only recommend two of them: the Comfor-Pedic Ultra-Easy Memory Foam Travel Pillow and the Tempurpedic Travel Pillow.

To select a pillow, ask yourself these questions below:

  • How easy will it be to carry this pillow on a plane, train, bus and other modes of transportation?
  • Is it the density I need for use in a number of different ways?

The density of the foam in a travel pillow doesn't need to be as firm as that for a bed, but it should be firm enough to pad your bottom if you should decide to sit on it for a while.

For public transportation, I recommend that you cover it with an easily washable pillow case so you can protect it from contamination.

Memory foam makes a great companion on a trip whether you use it for the conventional use as a pillow or you make it into a seat cushion or lumbar support.

The different ways you can use these pillows to increase your comfort and cut down on travel fatigue is as endless as your imagination.