Adjustable Memory Foam Bed

Considering an Adjustable
Memory Foam Bed?

What is an adjustable bed or electric adjustable bed? And more importantly, why would I even want one?

They're definitely not to be confused with "hospital beds" which are uncomfortable, ugly, noisy and generally have an old-fashioned wired remote control.

An adjustable memory foam bed allows you to sit up to read, watch TV, snack or just make it easier to get out of bed.

Don't you just hate fighting with stacks of pillows that keep falling down behind the bed every time you make a move?

Classic AdjustableBed Set by Tempur-Pedic - $ 2599.00

From: Healthy Back Store

With an electric bed, you can raise the legs to help with circulation and lessen the chance of leg cramps.

The moveable beds of today are very sexy with options such as:

  • Lighted remote so you can see the buttons in the dark
  • Hush-quiet DC motors so you don't wake up your sleep partner
  • Wall-hugger design to keep you close to your nightstand
  • Hi-lo design for ease of getting in or out of bed
  • Wireless remote so you're not leashed to a wire
  • Massage and "wave massage" to increase circulation & lull you to sleep

Formerly, these beds were so expensive that only movie stars, sports figures, royalty and the very wealthy could enjoy them. 

Newer technology and materials have now put them within easy reach of anyone who wants the convenience, comfort and pride of ownership that only adjustability can give you. Check out the list below to see our recommendations.

Mattress Genie

If you'd like a very reasonable way to try the benefits of an adjustable bed without risking a lot of money as well as a downright, cheap way to test drive the benefits of an adjustable bed, click on the Mattress Genie link below.

Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Bed

Classic AdjustableBed Set by Tempur-Pedic - $ 2599.00

From: Healthy Back Store

The above are just some of the benefits of an adjustable memory foam bed over a flat bed.