Compare Memory Foam Mattress Products

As we compare memory foam mattress products, you're going to discover what separates good memory foam from bad memory foam while having a blast watching some video clips!

First of all, it's not necessarily price that separates a good and bad memory foam mattress.

Some of the best quality memory foam mattresses out there are priced very reasonably.

I'll share video clips so you can actually make a comparison in quality and performance. Please bookmark this site and check back often for new stuff.

Some of the videos I'll be showing you are from, so these won't just be our tests, they'll come from a wide variety of sources as well.

Some are interesting and unique in nature. Some are very funny.

Check out this first one as someone opens a foam mattress that's supposed to return to it's original shape and size.

The poor result she experiences is caused by the vacuum-packaging the memory foam mattress. The process of vacuum-packaging memory foam permanently alters the original makeup of the cell structure and affects the visco-elastic qualities.

I'll explain right after the video. There is a right way and a wrong way to shrink a memory foam mattress for easier shipping and handling, so we will compare memory foam mattress packaging as well.

The results tell the story and a picture is worth a thousand words.

After you watch the video, please copy and paste this URL into an email and send it to a friend. Tell them to watch the video and they'll thank you for it.

The title of this clip is "Costco Memory Foam Mattress Continued"

Here's a video clip of a memory foam mattress that's been packaged correctly. I'll let you be the judge.

Memory foam has to be compressed or "mashed" to push all the air out of the open cells, then packaged while compressed.

Packaging the mattress and then "sucking" the air out produces the poor results you saw in the first video.

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