Costco Memory Foam Mattress Topper Evaluation

Have you ever slept on a Costco Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

On a recent road trip, my wife and I spent a few weeks at the JK Metzker House Bed & Breakfast in Cedarville, CA.

After a few nights on the mattress, we weren't getting the kind of sleep we needed. We were both waking up with low back pain and our arms and legs were going to sleep during the night.

At home, we sleep on a memory foam mattress and this mattress just wasn't anywhere near what we were used to for support and comfort. We often travel and stay in hotels and motels and it's really difficult to find anything that gives us a good night's sleep.

Maybe we're just picky because we have such a wonderful mattress at home but the fact remains that we want to sleep well even when we're away from home.

memory foam topper

We immediately thought of buying a memory foam topper and putting it on the bed to see if it would help. Sleeping on a memory foam mattress was what we had done for years, but we had never actually tested a memory foam mattress topper before. We've always tested the memory foam mattresses themselves.

We were going to be staying for an extended period of time and couldn't stand the thought of sleeping for that long on the mattress without doing something to make it more comfortable.

This seemed like a perfect opportunity to check out what a memory foam mattress topper might be like, so we decided to do a test on one.

Because we were closer to a Costco than anywhere else we knew of, we decided to test a costco memory foam mattress topper, so we bought one from them and took it back with us to the Bed and Breakfast.

We ended up sleeping on this mattress topper for a couple of months and although the topper turned out to be better than sleeping on the mattress itself, we found that it lacked the density and support we would have liked to experience.

I actually had a person contact me asking about the density of Costco's mattress toppers, and I had to say I didn't know because there was nothing on the packaging that told the density.

Since I hadn't been able to contact the vendor to find out, this person took it upon themselves to do it.

They contacted me again later to say that the manufacturer had told them the topper isn't manufactured to a "density" but it should feel like a 4 lb. density topper.

That's just another way of saying it's of a lower grade of memory foam and they don't want to disclose the density. Very disappointing!

I would like to be given a straight answer to this kind of question instead of getting "sales speak."