Visco Elastic Memory Foam

You probably know that a visco-elastic memory foam mattress is also referred to as NASA foam mattress because they were developed in conjunction with the space program.

In the early days of space exploration, the astronauts needed something to cushion them from the heavy g-forces that were placed on their bodies during liftoff.

They contracted a company to develop a material that would be suitable for this purpose and "memory foam" was the result.

It's sort of somewhere between a liquid and a solid material.

Although this unique foam was developed for the space program, it's pretty well conceded that it was never actually used on any of the manned space flights.

The reason for this isn't clear but it doesn't matter because this wonderful material was introduced to us as a substance
that could be used in a mattress and it's changing the way the world sleeps.

A memory foam mattress will provide you with several very unique benefits as you sleep. Click on the link if you'd like to check out a risk free 90 day memory foam mattress sleep test.

First of all, lying on memory foam creates a "mold" of your body so your weight is evenly distributed over the surface of the mattress. Because of this even distribution, there are fewer pressure points to cause you discomfort and pinch off circulation.

Also, as you lie on the memory foam material, it absorbs your body heat and begins to soften further enhancing the feeling of being evenly supported throughout your body.

You hips and shoulders no longer carry the bulk of your weight. Now, the small of your back is supported as well as your legs.

You turn less because you are comfortable. On a normal mattress, you tend to toss and turn trying to get comfortable. You're circulation is being cut off and your body will turn to another position to try and restore circulation.

Also, a huge benefit of a visco-elastic memory foam mattresses is that when your sleep partner turns over, the motion isn't transferred to your side of the bed. You can sleep right beside someone who is having a restless night and you won't know it.