Memory Foam Full

Looking for a memory foam full? Here are some smart shopper tips that will keep you from having a bad experience.

First, you need to know the density of the memory foam used to make your mattress.

5 lb. density or heavier is considered optimum for supporting the human body so if you can afford it, be sure to buy a memory foam full mattress made from this density.

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In no case should you go below 4 lb. density when selecting your mattress because below this density your mattress may only last a year or two.

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5 lb. density mattresses usually carry longer warranties because they'll last longer than mattress made with less dense foam.

The next thing you want to do is ensure that the place where you're buying your mattress shows the dimensions that they're calling full.

The most commonly accepted size for a full size mattress is 54" x 74". It's acceptable to be an inch shorter in length and width but not much more than that or you aren't getting a full size.

Another size that you might have without knowing it is a full extra long which measures 54" x 80" so measure your mattress to make sure you order correctly.

After you determine the mattress will suit your needs size wise, you will want to ask some other questions.

Is the mattress made in America using American foam? Many advertisers use the term "made in America" but they use foam from another country, normally China, to make the mattress in America.

Some Chinese foams are okay but you don't have any way of knowing that your foam isn't toxic.

Overseas foam manufacturers aren't subject to the same regulations as American manufacturers are, so you can end up with a mattress which contains CFCs or other harmful chemicals.

These are the mattresses that have given been guilty of off-gassing which produces odors and makes some people sick.

Check for temperature sensitivity because there are still some shysters out there trying to pass off their foam as memory foam when, in fact, it isn't temperature-sensitive.

Make sure you're buying from an experienced memory foam mattress supplier who knows the business well.

So to wrap it up, you want to look for dimensions, density, country of manufacture and temperature sensitivity as the most important factors in quality memory foam full mattresses.