A Contour Travel Pillow Can Save Your Health

A contour travel pillow might be in your future after you read this. Do you ever wonder how often, or if they ever change the pillow cases or clean the pillows on the airlines, buses or trains? I've asked some friends of mine who've been flight attendants with some major airlines for over 20 years, and they all have one answer: NEVER!

Unless, of course, they become so stained that you'd realize they hadn't been changed for a long time.

Oh my gosh, that makes me sick at all the times I've snuggled up to one of those babies. Know what I mean?

So my recommendation is that you avoid the airline pillows like the PLAGUE. Get it? That was a joke!

This is very important especially if you're like me who has always traveled without a pillow because it was just such a hassle.

My wife has always carried her own pillow because she just can't sleep on any other pillow than her own.

How about you? Have you ever wondered how many times have you've slept on a pillow in a hotel that was slept on the night before by someone with the flu or something worse? Now, think it over. Would you prefer their pillow or your own? It makes the decision a lot easier, huh?

The memory foam travel pillow is the one I use personally because they roll up into such a small size you don't even mind carrying one.

You can also use them to support your lower back, neck, or cushion your bottom. I usually carry mine in a pillow case to keep the grunge from seats and stuff getting on it. Also, I can wash it up and it's like a new pillow.

I really only recommend the pillows as seen on TV. They are fine enough quality to give you lots of service but priced low enough that you can easily afford to replace them if you lose or soil them.

By the way, memory foam pillows are great to use at home also. You can get lots of information about memory foam pillows here or if you know what you want, click on the link above. It's a great place to buy and you'll get a great deal and be treated fairly.