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I'm often asked the question "What's the best mattress for couples?"

What a great, loaded question. I say that because the answer I come up with is going to please one person and upset someone else, so I can't win... or can I?

It goes without saying that the perfect mattress for one person might be the most uncomfortable mattress for another person.

Conflicts have arisen over lesser issues than two people trying to agree on which mattress to buy. Remember the toothpaste and toilet paper conflicts and beware.

That means selecting the best mattress for couples with different ideas of what's comfortable can be a huge challenge, doesn't it?

Some people are determined that they need a rock-hard mattress because they have been told that by their doctor or a well-meaning friend.

What they actually need is a mattress that will provide support to their body in various places, especially on the lower back.

If you've ever had a "bad back," you know that it's no fun to lie in bed trying to get to sleep with your back aching. Then once you're asleep, waking up during the night because you rolled over and got a sharp pain is not funny either.

Now, add to this the person you're sleeping with who can't even think of sleeping on anything that's not soft and cushy. It's not going to make for a very pleasant relationship, right?

There are ways to get a win-win situation with a little creativity, though.

Many times a memory foam mattress will the best mattress for couples because even though the foam is semi-soft, it can have extremely good support characteristics.

You need to shop for a good-quality, high-density mattress to get this support. Check out this memory foam mattress website for an example.

Even with memory foam, there might be an issue so you may want to select a split queen or split king mattress.

For instance, a split king mattress is just two twin, long mattresses set side-by-side on a boxed spring or foundation of the same size. You can make them up as one bed using king-sized sheets. This way, each person can select the mattress that they'd feel most comfortable sleeping on.

Voila! Problem solved.

The best mattress for couples might actually be two mattresses.

One other solution is to go to a manufacturer who makes custom mattresses and have one made that's firm on one side and soft on the other. This will give each person a comfortable night's sleep.