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The two Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Beds we tested were the Classic Mattress and the Deluxe Mattress.

* Tempur-Pedic®, Inc. does not recommend the Euro-bed or the Celebrity Mattress be placed on the adjustable bed base. They are too heavy and could void the warranty.

The Adjustable Bed bases are standard queen size and come equipped with a wireless, ergonomic, lighted, wireless remote.

The adjustable base includes:

  • The "wall hugger" feature
  • One remote
  • Quiet DC motors
  • Upper and lower body massage
  • "Wave" massage
  • One custom setting
  • 3 pre-programmed settings

The adjustable bed bases are made for Tempur-Pedic® by Leggett & Platt, a large company known for manufacturing excellent quality adjustable bed bases.

The adjustable bed base is not warranted by Tempur-Pedic®. They have a limited 20-year warranty through Leggett & Platt.

The Adjustable Bed with the Classic Mattress

The Classic Mattress is the 8" mattress and it is firm. 22.37% of the people who tested the mattress felt it was too hard. Some complained of backaches after 3 to 5 nights sleeping on the mattress. Overall, this test resulted in only a 68.44% approval rating, all things considered.

The rooms were kept at 68 degrees and the mattresses still were considered too firm. At lower temperatures, the mattresses are even firmer. Our recommendation is that unless you want a hard bed, you should not invest in the Classic Mattress.

The Adjustable Bed with the Deluxe Mattress

The Deluxe Mattress is sold as the 10" mattress although our measurements indicated slightly over 9" (9 1/4" to be exact). 

The Deluxe Mattress is a plusher mattress than the Classic. Only 1.86% of the people who tested the Deluxe Mattress didn't like it. The Deluxe seems to have reached a place of compromise between sleep partners with different preferences.

People who normally like a firm bed were able to get the support they were looking for and their sleep partners who wanted a softer feel were happy with the Deluxe as well. Overall, the approval rating on the Deluxe was 93.47%, indicating that this is a near perfect choice.

There were some complaints from two people who actually purchased the Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Bed with the Deluxe Mattress, that the mattress they received seemed "too soft" compared to the one used in the test.

We aren't sure if the formula or manufacturing processes were changed.

We would still heartily recommend the Tempur-Pedic® Adjustable Bed with the Deluxe Mattress.

One comment from users of both mattresses was that the massage feature isn't quite as strong as it is on an innerspring mattress. This is most likely due to the feature of memory foam not transferring motion. It is great for allowing you to sleep with a restless partner who often tosses and turns, but it also somewhat deadens the massage.

Another factor is that the vibration of the bed can be quite loud. It shuts off automatically at a pre-set time, but many people said they couldn't go to sleep while the massage was going.

Everyone was impressed with the quietness of the motors, on the Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Bed base, when raising and lowering the bed.

* Tempur-Pedic® is a registered trademark of Tempur-Pedic®, Inc.

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