Memory Foam Pillow Standard

Why Choose a Memory Foam Pillow Standard?

A memory foam pillow standard is one that's shaped like the pillows most of us grew up using. In other words, it's a foam pillow that just happens to be shaped like a plain old pillow.

These pillows are manufactured in various ways. Some use shredded memory foam to achieve a lighter, more airy feel. Others are made from memory foam of lighter density so that they have a plusher feel.

Many people who've seen the shaped neck pillows being advertised on television are tempted into buying them simply because they seem to make sense and the person in the ad seems so comfortable lying on one.

But when they get it home and the rubber meets the road, it isn't quite what they were expecting—and many of these pillows end up in the back closet, the dump, or given to a friend or relative.

The reason is that most of us don't sleep on our back all night and it takes 3-5 nights sleeping on this type of memory foam pillow to make the change, and most people aren't that patient.

When you lie on your back, you would naturally like a pillow that is lower than you would choose for laying on your side. The distance from your neck to the mattress is much longer when on your side than when on your back. Ideally, you would have a different memory foam pillow for each position you sleep in.

For most people, having a memory foam pillow standard and a contoured pillow wouldn't be practical.

The problem is best solved by taking some thought into which size pillow could make the best compromise between the two.

If you're a stomach sleeper like I am, neck pillows don't make much sense at all. After all, it's not called a throat pillow!

That's the main reason I chose to sleep on a pillow that doesn't have the contoured design.

One other thing, I can roll up one edge of my pillow to make it into a "neck" pillow if I decide I want to lay on my back. This way, I'm not stuck with the "roll" on the edge of a neck pillow but can have one anytime I want.

Remember, density of the foam makes a lot of difference in the comfort of the pillow. If you're not familiar with the term "density of foam," please take a minute and sign up for my monthly newsletter "Fads, Facts and Fun."

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Tempur-Pedic® "The Comfort Pillow" is 25"x19"x4" approx. It is made of a denser foam, so it tends to be a firmer pillow than most people would prefer. They are comfortable, but also a little thicker than the other pillows. The material in them is shredded memory foam and this makes it impossible for them to be consistently shaped or sized. Sometimes the material is "bunched" into one side of the pillow or their are "hard" spots. When people order two or more pillows, there are vast differences in the shape and feel of the pillows.

They retail for around $125.00.

The Comfor-Pedic™ Serenity Pillow is made of a lesser density of memory foam. It is plusher feeling than the other pillows and tends to be favored by those who like that soft feel.

In any event, it is a lot of pillow for around $85 retail.

Air-Designed Sleep has a memory foam pillow that includes clusters of memory foam. It has the feel of down. It is a softer pillow that cradles your head and gives neck support. It measures 23"x17"x5".

It retails for about $59.00.

So those are the things you need to know about standard memory foam pillows. I hope you enjoy the process of selecting next pillow as much as I've enjoyed helping you.